Random Youma

This youma appears as a polka-dotted camera. It is trying to hoard some meaningless object.

Attack 10
Defense 8
Support 6

Boss Abilities

Minion Creation
Minor Action, 1+ Overcharge
The youma can generate minions while still doing battle. It creates 1 minion per Overcharge spent, to a maximum of its Spread in one turn.

Special Abilities

Disruptive Strikes
Each time the youma attacks a magical girl, she takes a point of Overcharge on a random magical attribute, regardless of whether the attack hits. Roll 1d6: 1-2 Heart, 3-4 Fury, 5-6 Magic.
Debilitating Attack
The youma can spend 1 Overcharge to make an attack that makes the target weaker for a time. If it hits, the target takes the Stunned status.

Nightmare Features

When you select this feature, decide whether it pulls toward position 1 or position 5. At the end of each round, all characters in the battle are pulled one position closer to the selected position. Characters already at the designated position do not move.
Perilous Terrain
Select one to three specific positions. Characters cannot move out of those positions without using a Minor Action and the Reckless Movement move.
Power Level
Base Damage
Oblivion Seeds
Nightmare Size
110 meters

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