Random Youma

This youma appears as a cotton candy worm. It is obsessively trying to complete some small task, and deals with interruptions with murderous rage.

Attack 7
Defense 6
Support 5

Boss Abilities

Each time the youma takes damage, reduce the damage by 2 points, to a minimum of 1.

Special Abilities

Ambush Tactics
Some of the craftier youma can set ambushes in one way or another. A youma with this ability gets an extra turn before the first round of combat begins, and if it attacks on that turn the attack gets +3 to the result and +1d6 to damage. When the first normal round begins, the youma can go first if it chooses.
The youma is particularly good at hiding. Anyone using the locate someone or something move to try to find it will have to get at least 4 leads to find it.

Nightmare Features

There is a large, dangerous object that swings back and forth across the Nightmare. It starts in position 5, and at the end of each round moves up one position, until it reaches position 5, and then it will start back towards position 1, and so on. When it enters a position, that position becomes rough terrain, and it attacks one random target in that position using the youma’s Attack attribute and causing 1d6 damage if it hits.
Alternating Damage
There are a series of devices or other obstacles of some kind in the Nightmare that cause damage. At the end of the first round anyone in an even-numbered position takes 2 damage, at the end of the second round anyone in an odd-numbered position takes 2 damage, and then it goes back to even-numbered, and so on.
Power Level
Base Damage
Oblivion Seeds
Nightmare Size
120 meters

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