Random Youma

This youma appears as a demonic dog. It is obsessively trying to complete some small task, and deals with interruptions with murderous rage.

Attack 13
Defense 8
Support 10

Boss Abilities

The youma is made in such a way that it naturally creates a backlash when attacked. A magical girl that attacks it always takes 1d6 damage.

Special Abilities

Mind Leech
The youma can attack a victim’s mind instead of their body. It makes a Support vs. Support challenge, and if it wins the victim loses a total of two ranks from relationships of the player’s choice.
Minor Action, 1 Overcharge
Until the end of its next turn, the youma is invisible to targets not within a range of 0-1 from it. Those who cannot see it take a –2 penalty to challenges for attempts to attack or otherwise affect it.
The youma can take on an insubstantial form and reside in a human’s mind. That makes it harder to find (it takes one extra lead for locate someone or something to find it). While the youma is possessing someone, all of its attributes and the damage it inflicts are reduced by 3. It takes an extra 1d6 damage from any attack it suffers, but the victim will be killed if it takes any magical damage before it leaves.

Nightmare Features

At the start of a scene taking place in the Nightmare, roll 1d6 for each character present. On a 1-5 they wind up in that number position, and on a 6 they can chose which position they go in (and they may wait until other characters finish rolling to decide).
There is a large, dangerous object that swings back and forth across the Nightmare. It starts in position 5, and at the end of each round moves up one position, until it reaches position 5, and then it will start back towards position 1, and so on. When it enters a position, that position becomes rough terrain, and it attacks one random target in that position using the youma’s Attack attribute and causing 1d6 damage if it hits.
Power Level
Base Damage
Oblivion Seeds
Nightmare Size
600 meters

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