Random Youma

This youma appears as a polka-dotted musician. It hates magical girls.

Attack 8
Defense 13
Support 10

Boss Abilities

The youma has the ability to create “echoes,” lesser copies of itself. This uses a Major Action, and causes the original youma to lose 5 Resolve. This resolve cannot be healed until the Youma re-absorbs the child Echo. Youmas may only reabsorb Echoes out of combat. If an Echo is destroyed but the parent Youma survives the battle. It may regenerate the lost Resolve at a rate of 5 per scene.
An echo becomes an independent creature on the battlefield. It has all of the original youma’s Special Abilities, but no Boss Abilities. It takes its own turn, but can only take one Minor or Major Action on its turn. If it suffers the Stunned status effect, it cannot take any actions other than the Status Recovery action on its turn, and it has a –2 penalty to the challenge for that. An echo deals a base of 2 damage on its attack instead of 1d6, but gets the usual bonuses from exploding dice and the youma’s Power Level. The echo has 1⁄4 (round down) of the original youma’s Base Resolve.

Special Abilities

Memory Pulse
When the youma is reduced to half of its base Resolve, it causes damage equal to its PL to each target within 2 positions of it.
Free Action, 1 Overcharge, 3/Scene
The youma can spend 1 Overcharge to roll an additional die for a challenge. The extra die will grant another die on a 6 like usual, and if it is for an attack it adds +2 to the damage.
Disruptive Strikes
Each time the youma attacks a magical girl, she takes a point of Overcharge on a random magical attribute, regardless of whether the attack hits. Roll 1d6: 1-2 Heart, 3-4 Fury, 5-6 Magic.

Nightmare Features

Alternating Damage
There are a series of devices or other obstacles of some kind in the Nightmare that cause damage. At the end of the first round anyone in an even-numbered position takes 2 damage, at the end of the second round anyone in an odd-numbered position takes 2 damage, and then it goes back to even-numbered, and so on.
Within this Nightmare, positions 1 and 5 are connected. Any character can move from position 1 to position 5 or vice versa as though they were adjacent.
Power Level
Base Damage
Oblivion Seeds
Nightmare Size
400 meters

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