Random Youma

This youma appears as a centauroid magical girl. It’s a berserker animal and just attacks things.

Attack 4
Defense 5
Support 3

Boss Abilities

Minion Creation
Minor Action, 1+ Overcharge
The youma can generate minions while still doing battle. It creates 1 minion per Overcharge spent, to a maximum of its Spread in one turn.

Special Abilities

Disruptive Strikes
Each time the youma attacks a magical girl, she takes a point of Overcharge on a random magical attribute, regardless of whether the attack hits. Roll 1d6: 1-2 Heart, 3-4 Fury, 5-6 Magic.

Nightmare Features

Alternating Damage
There are a series of devices or other obstacles of some kind in the Nightmare that cause damage. At the end of the first round anyone in an even-numbered position takes 2 damage, at the end of the second round anyone in an odd-numbered position takes 2 damage, and then it goes back to even-numbered, and so on.
Within this Nightmare, positions 1 and 5 are connected. Any character can move from position 1 to position 5 or vice versa as though they were adjacent.
Power Level
Base Damage
Oblivion Seeds
Nightmare Size
70 meters

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