Random Youma

This youma appears as a shackled warrior. It is a creature of sincere love for all, but as a youma its expressions of love are inherently destructive.

Attack 3
Defense 5
Support 4

Boss Abilities

Action Burst
The youma can spend 1 Overcharge to take an additional Major Action on its turn. A youma with a Spread of 3 or higher can take this ability a second time to be able to buy a second extra Major Action in one turn.

Special Abilities

Curse Shift
Major Action, 1 Overcharge
The youma can move one status effects or other continuing effects (including Hexes and Links) to another target within a range of 0-1. It can move additional effects by spending 1 additional Overcharge per effect moved.

Nightmare Features

Gravity Well
When you select this feature, pick an anchor point, which can be either a specific position or the position the youma is currently in. At the end of each round, each character in the battle is pulled one position closer to the anchor point. Characters already in the same position as the anchor point do not move.
Power Level
Base Damage
Oblivion Seeds
Nightmare Size
60 meters

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